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10 Yard Skip Hire10 Yard Skip Hire Made Easy

10 Yard Skip Hire across the UK


The 10 yard skip can be supplied throughout the UK and is known as a ‘Maxi Skip’. This Skip is suitable for an office refit or warehouse clearances. A sizable skip for light bulky waste, this skip comes with high sides and a low lip to the sides to allow easy access to dispose of the waste.

The 10 yard skip can hold between 80/100 bin bags and because of its size most councils don’t allow the skip to be placed on the road.

Heavy waste such as rubble, soil and concrete shouldn’t be put in the 10 yard skip due to weight restrictions and possible problems when collecting.

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10 Yard Skip
  • National Coverage, Local Rates
  • Available at Short Notice
  • Fully Licenced Environmental Agency Approved Service
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Skip Size

Enclosed Versions Available Drop Down Door  Available Measurements in


Suitable For Approx. No. Bin Bags
“10 Yard Skip” (large builders skip) Y Y 1.5m x 3.74m x 1.78m Light General Waste



TopSkip’s has a nationwide service and can provide 10 Yard skip hire, throughout the UK. We take the hassle out of local skip hire, one number can provide you low cost skip hire anywhere in the UK. So no matter the waste or the amount you have, let one of our industry specialist help you by calling 0844 686 9342.


10 Yard Skip Hire Price:

10 Yard Skip hire pricing can change depending on where you are in the country. So considerations can be the type of waste, where your job is and the location of the nearest disposal site. This can determine pricing factors, such as land fill tax, and disposal costs dictate pricing is certain areas. We only work with the best disposal sites who have high recycling rates so we can keep your costs low and less of the waste gets taxed.

Types of waste acceptable for this skip:-

Mixed General Waste
Light Waste
Light Building Waste
Heavy Waste
Mixed Domestic

So if you have any of the following:-

Solvents & Resins
Paints & Thinners
Flammable Liquids
Oil & Filters
Contaminated Soil

If you need further information on the rules in disposing of specialist items or just want to know more about what is considered to be specialist or hazardous (because you might be surprised) call the team now 0844 686 9342.

We have more information what waste can go in a skip.