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why is skip hire the price it is

26 Oct 2009

The guys on the phone get asked that a lot. There will be Mr X on the phone who last ordered a skip in 1985, and is expecting to pay a similar price to the £40 he paid back then. Alas, a lot of things have happened for the price to rise, one of the biggest things is Landfill Tax which goes up 33% every year. There is also the haulage costs, drivers wages, the hire of the skip and the sorting of the waste when the skip is collected. It all adds up.

Beware of the skip companies offering “Cheapest Skip Hire!” – these type of companies often fail to deliver, when they do deliver the skip often resembles a bent piece of steel, and you risk having the skip outside your house for weeks, sometime months, on end. You could also be paying to have your waste flytipped. One thing with flytipped waste is the onus usually rests with the waste producer – ie. you. A hefty fine normally follows and much stress and bother.

My advice? Get a company who have all the right certification, who recycle a high percentage of the waste and who makes sure the job goes according to plan from start to finish. Call, the ultra-responsible, ultra-environmentally friendly Topskips on 0844 5607710 or book skip hire online for all skip hire needs.

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