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what is a skip hire permit

27 Oct 2009

You’re asking the right people! From John O’Groats to Land’s End, we have skip hire permits just about covered.

A permit is permission off the local council to allow skips on their public highway. So if you’re a householder who needs a skip for the week but doesn’t have a piece of private land like a driveway to put the skip on, then a permit must be applied for. Most of the time, the skip company can organise the paperwork for you. However, some councils (All Scottish councils for example) demand the hirer of the skip organises the permit. And the bad news is, it costs money. If you’re lucky, your local council will just charge an administration fee around £10. However some councils, (stand up, Wandsworth council in London!) can charge over a hundred pounds.

And if you think you can get away without applying for one, think again. Council workers survey the streets on a daily basis looking for skips that haven’t been registered with a permit, and the fines that follow if they see a skip without a permit are steep, to say the least. One company in Sheffield was charged £1500 recently for this very offence!

If you need skip hire with a permit, ring Topskips on 0844 560 7710 to discuss your options.

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