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disposing of a fridges in skips

29 Oct 2009

"Can you throw a fridge in a skip?"

A gentleman from Essex asked me this today and the answer was a resolute ‘Kind of!’.

Fridge recycling can be done using skips, but it will cost you.

Why is this? Well, because fridges contain CFC gases, they need to be treated carefully, and disposed of in a specific manner. Normal waste in skips are usually sorted at the Material Recycling Facility and then put into waste streams to be recycled. However, fridges are classed as hazardous waste and need to be treated in accordance to EA regulations.

Fridges can be taken away with the skip, but this comes at an extra charge. This charge covers the extra haulage and special treatment.

If you’ve been lumbered with an old fridge that you need to get rid of, speak to one of the gang at Topskips on 0844 60 77 10.

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