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skip hire london what is a skip permit

17 Nov 2009

Quite simply, a skip permit is permission from the local council to allow us to drop a skip on their highway.

The main bulk of our skip permit ordering is for London. This is not only because London is our busiest area for skip hire but also because the city is so densely built up, so there’s not a lot of private land going spare. Therefore most of our London skip hire customers always ask if we can sort out a permit. Most of the time, it’s fine but with some councils (stand up Wandsworth!) demand that the hirer – (you) – organises the permit with them. Price-wise, they can range from £25 to amounts in the triple figures, depending on whether it is in a Controlled Parking Zone, or if it is in a park bay which needs to be suspended etc. It’s a bit of a pain and it’s seems like an unnecessary amount of money to spend. However, if we drop a skip on the highway without a permit (which of course, we wouldn’t do!), the penalties are much worse…

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