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im doing a garden clearout what size skip do i need

23 Nov 2009

We get a lot of people ringing in unsure of what skip size is best for their garden clearout. It all depends on how big your garden is!

If you are lucky enough to have a big garden, then we would recommend an 8 cu yd builderskip. This is 12′ long and 5’6" wide and is one of our most popular skips. If it sounds too big, think about how big your waste is going to be. Things like bushes and shrubbery can often be really bulky and may not weigh that much but will have take up a lot of space with their branches.

However if you have a small garden, we’d recommend our 4 cu yd midi skip. This is 6′ long and 4′ 3" wide. It’s always best to go for a skip that might be little bigger than necessary – you never know what you’ll dig up!

And of course, all garden waste is recycled – so you can fill the skip knowing that none of it will go near a landfill tip.

Give our skip experts a ring on 08445 60 77 10 to book a skip for those jobs that you’ve been putting off all year…!

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