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can i move my skip when and where i like

09 Dec 2009

When it comes to domestic skip hire, we would recommend not moving a skip once the driver has placed it on your site/premises. The reasons why are manifold:

1) The driver communicates with you and uses his own experience on where the best place is to put the skip – he/she will know where you need it to go and also where it is safe to go and manage that expectation.

2) Moving it can cause injury – A skip is about a fifth to a quarter of a tonne – plus the waste you may already have inside it.

3) Not only can it cause injury, but it can cause huge damage to the land where the skip is lying on. A skip company is not liable for the damge caused once you have moved a skip on grass or pavestones or other more delicate ground.

4) Moving the skip may make it impossible for the driver to collect it. If you shove it down an alleyway for example, there’s no chance a 7.5 tonne or 10 tonne truck will be able to squeeze through a 5 foot gap to collect it. This equals major problems!

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