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26 Jan 2010

There are so many skip hire UK stories that are sent to us every week, tales of finding bizarre objects and so on, you do wonder at the time when what some people consider rubbish, another person considers a gem.

Take for example the two Star Wars helmets rescued from a film studio skip that were sold for nearly £20,000 each at a Christie’s auction of film memorabilia in London. The Imperial Stormtrooper helmets featured in the desert sequence of Star Wars: A New Hope, which was filmed in Tunisia.

All 12 used during the shoot were thrown away, but two were later recovered from a skip at Elstree studios.

They were in slightly different conditions and one sold for £19,200 with another fetching £18,000.

Next time you walk past a skip, might be worth your while to have a quick peek in – you don’t know what you’ll find!

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