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council hire a skip to fill with bras

11 Mar 2010

Hire a skip for Breast Cancer.

When Hertsmere council delivered a load of pinks skips to their community, they demanded the public fill it with one thing and one thing only: Bras.

In the end they collected a massive 17,193 bras that weighed over a tonne. Why the bra fetish? Well, the plan is to ship them over to under developed countries and give them out to the women who need them.They are also raising money for breast cancer.

Councillor Jean Heywood said, “By recycling your bras not only will less waste be sent to landfill but women in poorer countries will benefit and you will be helping to fund research into breast cancer.”

Good on you guys. We may look a bit weird throwing a bagful of bras in to a skip, but if it’s for such a great cause, then we’ll have a rummage around our underwear drawers tonight!

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