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skip permits

29 Mar 2010

We have to admit it – we don’t like skip permits. They’re – on most occasions – an unnecessary tax – and with permits costs fluctuating all over the UK with different application times and permit duration lengths, you can’t help but think that councils are, well, making it up as they go along…

In a nutshell, a skip permit is permission off the council to put a skip on the public highway. That’s fine – permission makes sense to us, or else there would be skips littering the highways across the country (we know how tricky the school run is already!). However some councils charge nothing for permission (yay!) other councils charge hundreds of pounds (yes, we’re thinking of you Borough of Lambeth in London) and make us skip companies and you the hirer of the skip jump through hoops in order to get hold of one.

Skip permits can be a bit of a minefield – get the best advice by ringing on 08445 60 77 10.

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