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what you need to know about east sussex skip hire

15 Jun 2010

Looking in to East Sussex skip hire? Here’s a couple of things you might need to know…

1) Find out if you have private land on which to place the skip. If you do, great – we can get the skip there within 24 hours. If you don’t, we’ll need to sort out a permit for you with the local council, this can take a few days. So let us know what local authority it falls under, and we’ll let you know the cost and times.

2) Be aware of what you can put in to skips. This can make all the difference to the price you pay. If you need to get rid of anything like asbestos or fridge freezers, let us know and we can get a cost effective solution sorted for you.

3) Nobody can put their hand on their heart and say they’ll be definitely be able to deliver a skip at a precise time. Things like bad traffic, road accidents, delays on other jobs can all contribute to times not being met. Our advice? Book the skip for the day before you need it – that way you definitely have it onsite. Oh, and don’t book a day off work just because you have a skip arriving – unless you really have to. We can – in most situations – deliver it to you without your being there.

Hope this helps!

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