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well it made us laugh

18 Jun 2010

An angry man has just been on the phone to our customer service department for the past 20 minutes fuming.

The reason for the complaint?

One of our skip drivers dropped the skip off at this customer’s house this morning, and the customer’s wife signed for it, took the top sheet of the delivery note in to the house and put it on the side. Her husband picked it up and saw ‘PERFECT ASS‘ scrawled across the top of it. Thinking the skip driver was writing pervy notes to his wife about her derriere, he rang us up demanding an answer and some compensation for the distress caused. Josh in Customer Service calmly informed him that the limited company that trades under the name is Perfect Associates Limited and the note was by no means a reference to his wife’s posterior – no matter how lovely it is.

The customer still won’t believe that this is the case. His wife really must have some behind!

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