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04 Aug 2010

Are you looking to order a skip online?

Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you’re either one of our regular fanatical skip hire blog fans, or you’ve landed on the blog after looking for a skip online.

So -we’ve got 30 seconds to keep your attention! Here’s the elevator pitch then – why is the best place to hire a skip online!

– First – we’re the experts. We were the very first online skip hire company – set up way back in 2003. 2003!! People were still using dial up internet connection then and thought that a Facebook was something only from the realms of American college proms – never mind a YouTube…

– We have helped… OVER 70,000 customers – very happy customers – in that time. 70,000 people can’t be wrong can they?!

– Being in the business that long means that we’ve had time to get things running pretty smoothly. Give us a call and you’ll see. Everything works as it should. We’re fast, informed and informative. We’ve got skip hire down to a tee.

– And best of all, we love skips. Call us now on 08445 60 77 10 to speak to a dedicated skip hire account manager…

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