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09 Aug 2010

A confession.

The boss has asked me to write about our great offering for skips in Peterborough. Now normally when we mention our skip hire abilities in some part of the country, we try to give a deserved mention to the merits (or de-merits sometimes) of that part of the country – it’s only polite.

But the confession – I hardly know anything about Peterborough!

Without meaning brazenly to display my utter ignorance about a very important part of the United Kingdom, here, in a list, is what I know about Peterborough:

– It’s flat – It’s not all that far from Cambridge – Didn’t the football team used to have Barry Fry as a manager…? – Oh, and don’t forget – there are some amazing skip hire deals going down there at the moment!!

Just call us on 08445 60 77 10 – FREE – to find out just how amazing those deals are!

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