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things i wish i found in a skip 238 thanks to a caversham skip guy

16 Aug 2010

Following the recent Cheryl Tweedy post, the entries have been flooding in again to our long running “Things I Wish I Found In A Skip” competition.

And the prize of being entry #238 goes to a customer from the Reading area – acutally he was looking for a Caversham skip when he called us.

Drum roll, Bruce Forsyth, dancing girls, plleeassse…:

Things I wish I found in a skip #238: NOTHING.


Well, our Caversham customer happened to be a skateboarding fanatic, “not bragging you know but a bit of a pro” he reckoned, and alerted us to the reputable art of Skip Skateboarding. Can’t do this in a full skip.

Check it out!

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