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kitten saved from skip hire ellesmere port

26 May 2011

Rescued KittenIt’s not everyday that an adorable kitten escapes from a skip hire Ellesmere Port depot, but skip workers were surprised to see a little kitten which had been dumped in a skip – just moment before it was to be crushed along with the other waste.

The creature is now in an animal rescue centre and is being looked after by Sheila Stewart.

“The kitten came out of the box as he went through the crusher,” said Mrs Stewart, who took the kitten to the vets on Monday.

“There is bruising on his face. It’s probably from being tipped out and being jolted along in the skip. His nose hasn’t broken which is really lucky,” she said.

“He’s had a very rough time and he’s only a baby, he’s shocked and terrified and is just sitting in the corner.

“Cats are not rubbish and shouldn’t be thrown away.”

Neil Hassall, managing director of Alan’s Skip Hire, said the kitten would almost certainly have been killed if it hadn’t been spotted.

“We collect skips from various locations and the waste goes through a sifter machine. If the cat had gone into the sifter chances are it would have been killed.

“Luckily enough we have some guys who do a preliminary sort to make sure there’s nothing there that shouldn’t be and one of the guys found the kitten.”

Mrs Stewart and Mr Hassall say they are seeing more and more cats being dumped in skips.

“I’ve been working here for 20 years and I’ve seen a lot more in the last two or three years,” said Mr Hassall.

Mrs Stewart said: “This year we’ve had three or four brought in by drivers; one lot were new-born and about three days old.”

And I thought we were supposed to be a nation of animal lovers?!

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