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skip hire in wales

09 Feb 2012

John Griffiths, Environment Minister, has encouraged Welsh Folk to keep up their recycling efforts throughout this year. he has said the extra effort will see Wales hit and exceeding 50% recycling in the year 2012.

Recycling rates in Wales have soared from 7% in 2000/2001 to 48% between April to June 2011. According to Griffiths. Recycling rates are currently higher in Wales than in any other country within the UK.

Griffiths said “The Welsh public and Welsh local authorities should be very proud of the progress they have made in increasing recycling rates to date, particularly as we are currently recycling a higher percentage of our waste than any other part of the UK.”

Great news for skip hire Wales; especially if you use as we have an average recycle rate of 97%!

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