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residents stuck with small bins try skip hire bristol

11 Apr 2012

Bristol City Council have told some residents within the area that they will be receiving smaller wheelie bins, while 1,400 other homes are allowed to keep their much larger wheelie bin. Homes across the city with 240-litre black bins are being given 180-litre replacements as part of a rubbish collection overhaul, which is aimed at encouraging people to recycle rather than just throw their recyclable waste in the normal bins. However, certain households in the city have been told they can keep their larger bin because they meet special criteria and are deemed to require more space for their rubbish. These include homes occupied by large families and houses converted into accommodation for large numbers of students. Many people are unhappy with being given a small wheelie bin, so much so that they may even decide upon using skip hire Bristol to dispose of the excess waste that won’t fit into their new bins.

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