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how do the new recycling targets affect skip hire manchester

12 Apr 2012

The Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) has set an ‘ambitious’ recycling target of 60% by 2025, with a particular focus on providing ‘quality materials for closed loop recycling’.

The Authority has previously outlined plans to reach a 50% recycling and composting rate by 2015, but they have now extended those targets further.

In the updated draft waste management strategy, which has been approved by the Authority, targets were also laid out for a 90% diversion rate of material from landfill by 2015 as well as a 50% reduction in household residual waste by 2025 – all of which could majorly change how skip hire Manchester is used.

Eight core policy objectives have been developed to help the city achieve the aims of the Authority’s ‘zero waste’ aim. They are set out across four key themes – saving resources, connecting with the community, protecting the environment, and supporting businesses.

Councillor Neil Swannick, chair of GMWDA, said: “To really achieve our aim of ‘zero waste’, we are working with businesses to help them think differently and we are urging manufacturers to make products using less materials, and products that can be more easily recycled. Generally, we need businesses to use less and recycle more; we will therefore support businesses to do that. These new initiatives will assist with this work and help to drive forward recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.”

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