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skip hire in london and the uk note the governments call for improved plastic recycling rates

08 May 2012

The Government plan to call on councils and businesses to improve plastic recycling rates and realise the financial value of the tonnes of waste plastics discarded each year. This has come to the attention of the UK’s waste management companies along with companies providing skip hire in London and across the UK.

Government figures have revealed that last year around 240,000 tonnes of plastic bottles were sent to landfill by households with access to kerbside plastic recycling collection – equivalent to nearly half of all bottles used.

The plastic bottles sent to landfill would have been worth around £91m if they had been recycled, according the the figures.

With this disregard for recycling facilities, could the answer be skip hire? Residents across different areas on the UK could fill a skip with plastics, which would then taken away to be sorted at a recycling plant. This avoids the need to sort out recyclables.

Last month’s budget set a new target for plastic recycling of 42 per cent by 2017.

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