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london olympics set for high volumes of consumer waste skip recycling

22 May 2012

London Olympics 2012 has already been expected to generate a huge amount of consumer waste during the entire proceedings of the Games.

A Lincolnshire waste recyling plant is ready to take around a fifth of all consumer waste generated at the forthcoming Olympic Games.

The Lincolcnshire waste recycling plant is able to take such a large volume of consumer recycling waste specifically plastic bottles due to the world’s biggest plastics recycling centre in Hemswell having recently been opened. In line with the recycling plans for the London Olympics the local Environment Minister Lord Taylor confirmed the extension to the current eco-friendly plastics site only last Thursday 10th May.

Bosses say the groundbreaking factory could return up to 20 million bottles to the shelves inside the six weeks of the Games.

The waste recycling extension to the plastic bottles’ site also currently services Coca Cola plastic recycling and the unveiling of these changes enabling greater amounts of plastic recycling has also created 30 new jobs at the site which was once an RAF base front-line.

Katherine Symonds, Head of Sustainability at Coca-Cola Enterprises was quoted as saying: “We have had special bins made for the games which will bear our logo and be used for the collection of all the plastic bottles at the huge event this summer. A fifth of the waste created by the games will be recycled here and bottles dropped at the main opening ceremony could well be back on supermarket shelves as new bottles before the Paralympics have finished.”

This is a huge step forward for the recucling industry in the UK explained Lord Taylor: “This facility is the result of an innovative partnership which is a first for the British drinks manufacturing industry,” he said.

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