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seagull proof sack could be the answer to keeping hungry birds away in cornwall

27 Sep 2012

Cornwall council have come up with a sturdy sack produced specially to prevent pesky seagulls from wading their way through people’s rubbish.

The woven polypropylene and hessian bags are being trialled for 3 months by 1500 homeowners located throughout several areas in Cornwall.

The trial period, starting at the end of September, will test the effectiveness of the sacks, which hold up to three plastic bin bags.

If they prove to be a success the council will make the bags available to town and parish councils, which can distribute them to residents either for free or at a cost of £3 depending on their choice.

Cornwall Conservative cabinet member for environment and waste management Steve Double spoke to BBC Cornwall, saying: “The bags will be trialled to see if they work, or whether they can be improved, before we go any further with this, to make sure they are fit for purpose for keeping seagulls out.”

If residents and businesses have a large amount of waste they want to keep out of the reach of seagulls, but can’t fit it all into a small bag then they need not worry. You can hire enclosed skips that stop any kind of trespasser getting in at all times!

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