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plan in motion to improve baths recycling prospects

06 Oct 2012

The city of Bath is looking to make major changes in order to increase the recycling of business waste throughout the area.

A meeting was held this week by the Bath Business Improvement District to discuss different ways in which recycling could be improved for local businesses.

The BID team wants to completely revamp its waste management prospects as only a fifth of waste collected from businesses, such as shops and offices, is currently recycled.

They are now working with waste management consultant Eunomia in order to help them boost that figure to four fifths of waste being recycled in the future.

Eunomia will help the district to tackle a number of different waste problems. As well giving recycling rates a push they are also hoping to reduce hungry gulls ripping open rubbish bags and creating mess!

The meeting was held on Tuesday and covered topics of how BID can start to find ways of recycling certain materials taken from business waste such as, cardboard, food waste and other dry waste.

A great way of getting rid of bulk waste is by hiring a skip. As much waste as possible that is disposed of in the skip will be recycled, leaving only what needs to go to landfill to do so.

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