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figures confirm that london is the most expensive area for skip hire

09 Oct 2012 has released figures showing the average prices and sizes of skip hire across the UK.

The website collected data of average skip prices quoted from 3 or more skip companies in each specific area.

The research was summarised in September and is considered the most up to date and accurate source of skip hire statistics in the UK.

Skip and bin saw that the average price and size was highly varied across the nation, but found that it was obvious that London is the most expensive area for skip hire by a landslide.

Figures show that a 6 yard builder’s skip was on average £210 to hire in London and only £135 in Nottingham, which was considered the cheapest area to hire a skip of this size.

A 12 yard skip is cheapest to hire in Newcastle at £165 while a skip of this size in London is £300.

The statistics determined that Liverpool was the cheapest city for skip hire overall with prices starting from just £80.

The data supports the view that it is likely that fly-tipping is so common in London due to these higher than average prices.

Skip and Bin found that 5 out of 10 worst plagued areas for fly-tipping are in London.

MD of Skip and Bin, Jason Mohr said: ‘People are strapped for cash at the moment and when costs in excess of £300 for the average household to hire a skip in London, it’s sadly inevitable people will turn to disposing of waste illegally.’

Key findings showed that there were 732,052 cases of fly-tipping on public land last year, but there had been a 9.1% fall from the previous year.

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