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skip hire is more environmentally friendly than ever before

12 Oct 2012

RecyclingEnvironment preserving fanatics Ecohub Ltd has spoken out about how skip hire has contributed towards protecting the environment more and more over the years.

Managing Director Daryl Pearce of Ecohub has talked about how being eco-savvy is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when working towards preserving our future.

He also talked about the changes in skip hire, saying: “The traditional process of skip hire has been broken down into two halves.”

The basic process that skip hire companies follow has always been relatively simple, starting with the actual hiring of the skip. This is done by the consumer or builder wishing to hire a skip, which is then passed on to the skip hire company who make the arrangements of time and place. The second step is for the skip to be filled and then its contents disposed of, which is the responsibility of the skip hire company.

Back in the day before the environment was a major concern for businesses, most contents would usually go straight to landfill. But now times have changed and the majority of skip companies are looking for a way to do their bit towards being environmentally friendly by recycling what they can out of the collected waste.

Ecohub have an ethos ‘not to simply dispose of their customers’ waste but proactively transform it into fuel that powers the local economy.’ This is an ethos that more and more businesses are catching on to. Why dump everything in landfill when skip companies can contribute to ensuring a better future for generations to come?

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