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aylesburys new waste and recycling system experiences problems

13 Oct 2012

A new waste and recycling system put in place by Aylesbury Vale Council has experienced a few hiccups since coming into play.

The system, which has been in place for 5 weeks, has seen problems occur, such as 75 collections being missed daily and locals having to put up with long delays on the waste hotline. Only 70% of the calls are currently being answered.

Around 600 calls are being made daily to the district council regarding the new system, which is the route to the problem of the long delays on phone lines.

Council operations manager, Andy Wilkins told a local newspaper that the biggest problem with the system was originally with the delivery of bins. However this is said to be now 99.9% in place and up to speed.

Mr Wilkins feels the system should not take much longer to get function properly throughout the area.

A positive aspect of the new system is that recycling has doubled since it has been introduced. Now 465 tonnes of food waste and recycling is deposited weekly.

If you’ve got a large amount of waste you need to dispose of in Aylesbury, skip hire is always a good option!

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