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recycling awareness events in east yorkshire should improve areas waste disposal

17 Oct 2012

Recycling events in East Yorkshire are set to begin at the end of the month as an attempt to get residents to start disposing of their waste more efficiently.

The awareness sessions will refresh residents’ memories and give them advice on how they can cut down on waste and increase their use of blue and brown bins provided by the local council.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council are keen to emphasise the purposes of the bins, with the blue bin being used for paper, plastics, cans, glass and food and drink cartons, whereas the brown is used for garden and food waste.

One session will be held in Beverley town at the Children’s Centre on 30th October and recycling officers will be going to Pocklington Children’s Centre between 1:30pm – 3pm to give advice on how to save money and reduce waste economically.

Further sessions will be dotted around at Beverley’s over 50’s club at St John’s Parish Church Hall.

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