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hse inspection results prove that there is room for improvement

19 Oct 2012

The Health and Safety Executive’s 3 year phase inspection initiative is a whole two years in, and many councils aren’t proving to be up to scratch.

Since beginning the inspection in October 2010, HSE have found that almost a fifth of local authorities are not following essential health and safety guidelines when managing their waste and recycling contracts.

Out of the 407 councils that will be inspected in England, Scotland and Wales, 171 had been visited by March this year, 19% of which were considered non-compliant with the regulations of managing and procuring waste services.

HSE cracked down during their visits, serving 1 prohibition notice and 27 improvement notices. The organisation has been hard on councils as they are committed to making them aware of their responsibilities.

Janet Viney, HM Inspector of health and safety said ‘The responsibility of making arrangements for all household waste and recycling services rests with local authorities.’

HSE are hoping that the initiative will reduce the high accident rate within the waste and recycling industry. The accident rate of the industry is 4 times higher than the average of any other industries and 9 times higher for fatal accidents, which is the motivation behind the initiative’s crack downs.

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