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director of darlington skip hire company is arrested

20 Oct 2012

The director of a skip hire company, who have been found guilty of ten charges of operating without Environmental Agency permits, was arrested this week.

Raymond Shepherd of Albert Hill Skip Hire, Darlington had intentions to appeal against one of the charges made against him and his company, but he was then detained by police for suspicion of continuing to illegally process waste, despite the company being stripped of its waste permits.

He was found guilty of the ten offences in August, which occurred at the company’s bases Dodsworth Street and Whessoe Road.

After a 5-week trial at Teeside Magistrates Court he was bailed to be sentenced, but then police arrested him when he was caught still operating the company illegally.

Mr Shepherd was due to appear in Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday afternoon regarding the new charges.

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