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croydon council caught disobeying their own recycling rules

21 Oct 2012

Croydon Council have come under fire after being caught putting recyclable waste in bags that are sent to landfill.

The findings come at a bad time for the council as just days earlier they announced news plans to crackdown fiercely on residents who do not recycle.

Croydon’s local newspaper Croydon Guardian revealed that paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic containers and paper cups are all being thrown out and put in landfill bins by the council.

They found this evidence on two separate visits to the council’s main office, Taberner House, last week.

Cabinet members of the council were due to approve a new compulsory recycling scheme on last Tuesday night, before the allegations of their own bad recycling habits came to light on Wednesday.

The new scheme is set to strongly encourage recycling amongst residents who don’t do so by giving them six months to start managing their waste properly. Afterwards, if residents are still not recycling, they could be subject to reminder letters and £80 fines.

Residents are now angry at the revelation of the council’s own recycling failures as they feel the council should focus on sorting their own waste recycling practices first.

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