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council looks to change recycling system to hit new targets

25 Oct 2012

St Helens council in Merseyside is set to make changes to its waste and recycling collections.

The plans come after the new European Union recycling targets increased to a minimum of 50% of waste being recycled by 2020.

Residents of St Helens currently recycle 32% of their waste which works out as 20,000 tonnes per year, but the new targets have encouraged the council to look at ways in which they can boost recycling rates even more to make sure that they are easily hitting the new target before the deadline.

The council’s changes to their waste and recycling system aim to also make things easier for residents so that they do not find it a burden to recycle household waste.

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One plan is to make all collections on the same day every week, which should make it easier to remember glass, cans, paper and plastic bottles, cardboard and kitchen waste. They will all be collected by one vehicle and alternate green and brown bins each week.

Members of the council are hoping to get feedback from their residents overtime to see how they feel about the changes, that way they’ll be able to judge if the system will work.

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