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recycling helps concrete and skip hire firm to survive the recession

26 Oct 2012

A ready mixed-concrete and skip hire firm based just north of Liverpool have survived the recession by investing in a mechanised recycling facility.

Spotmix have been running since 1987 but has made major changes to the business as a way to keep the business running during recession.

The company invested £860,000 in the recycling facility which recycles up to 90% of waste. The system sifts out soils, heavy and light material, the metals and the commodities like cardboard, clear plastics and timber.

The recycled materials are then used in different ways. Hardcore is crushed to be used for prime aggregate, cardboard and paper are baled and sold and timber is used for fuel.

Thanks to the changes made to the business recycling now makes up 70% of the company’s turnover and they’ve gained big clients including a mill, which buys recycled waste from Spotmix and is planning to use the firm to recycle the mill’s own waste.

Founder Dave Tiplady is confident that the change in the business made in 2008 was the right thing to do as he feels without the new system the business was likely to crash and burn in the effects of the recession.

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