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why choose skip hire

29 Oct 2012

Skips that are used to deal with household waste have been a common option since the 1960’s. Domestic skips were released into the British Isles by Richard Biffa, who founded one of Britain’s largest waste management companies.

Skips are all of similar design, often made of steel so that they can withhold a large amount of waste. However there are different sizes available to suit different types of waste.

When it comes to domestic use, a skip is invaluable when renovating a house, clearing out a property and disposing of backyard waste. And what makes them so handy is that through the simple process of skip hire, they can be delivered right to your house!

If you want to put the skip on a public road, there’s no need to panic, all you need to do is retrieve a skip permit from your local council.

It’s essential to always find out and keep in mind what materials are actually able to go into your skip. Risky materials such as asbestos, motor vehicle batteries, white merchandise, televisions and personal computer monitors, gas cylinders and tyres will all need to be disposed of via specialist checked everything and made sure you’ve got the right size and required permits for your job, then skip hire is sure to be one of the smartest ways to get rid of undesirable waste.

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