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croydon council confirm new recycling scheme

01 Nov 2012

Croydon Council has confirmed it will introduce a new recycling scheme next year in a bid to increase recycling rates and decrease the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

The council’s cabinet meeting, held on 16th October, was where the decision to introduce the scheme was made. Following its approval, councillors have confirmed that the new scheme will begin from 1st January 2013.

It is set to save the council a large amount of money on landfill waste by focusing on engaging with residents who are not currently keen recyclers.

As of January, the council will be keeping an eye on residents who fail to recycle and as a way of encouraging them to follow the scheme, what they present for collection will be observed over a period of weeks.

There will be a 12 week engagement process, and if there is no improvement then residents could be subject to an £80 fine.

The council is hoping to save around £200,000 a year, as it costs £106-a-tonne to send waste to landfill as appose to £30-a-tonne for processing recyclables.

Despite the introduction of the new scheme, Croydon Council came under fire two weeks ago when recyclable waste was found in bags that were set to be sent to landfill outside the council’s main office at Taberner House.

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