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tandridge experience major improvements in local recycling

03 Nov 2012

Recycling company Biffa have teamed up with Tandridge District Council to improve recycling rates, in just a few weeks.

The new recycling and refuse collection scheme, introduced by the company, has halved the waste that goes to landfill and boosted recycling rates almost instantly. Recycling figures have gone up from 32% to 47% in a short space of time.

Tandridge was originally one of Surrey’s worst performing areas for waste management, but Biffa believe that the fast improvement could change the area to one of the best performing authorities.

The fortnightly collection scheme, which began on 1st October, could save the council £1 million annually and will take care of 19,000 tonnes of waste, including 6,000 tonnes of waste food, which the councils sends to landfill every year.

Biffa is pleased with the outcome of the new scheme and have claimed that it allows residents to recycle much more dry materials than before such as, paper, cans, aerosols, foil, glass and all plastics.

Maybe when excessive waste becomes too much for the residents of Tandridge they should give skip hire a go?

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