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wrap publish tips to encourage on the go recycling

05 Nov 2012

Waste and Recycling Action Programme (WRAP) have announced that they will publish a guidance this week to help organisations in England with their ‘on the go’ recycling.

The guidance is aimed at organisations that cater for the public, including local authorities, shopping centre managers, hospitals, educational establishments, sporting arenas and transport hubs.

It is a 70 page document that offers information on what organisations can do to encourage the public to recycle when using their facilities.

The guidance discusses what the on the go system has to offer and also talks about how organisations can negotiate contracts for waste collection, start up a promotional strategy, manage costs and monitor recycling scheme performances.

It aims to give a highly detailed view on how companies can take advantage of the system, and it comes with free-to-use communication materials such as posters and flyers that can promote recycling schemes in public spaces.

WRAP have published the guidance in order to improve the amount of recycling that occurs in public spaces. They hope that as a result, public establishments will help the environment by offering easy ways for the public to recycle when they are out and about.

Marcus Gover, director at WRAP said: ‘There are well-established schemes in place to help us recycle while we’re at home, but it can be more difficult when we’re out shopping or at a sporting event.’

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