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locals grow angry towards waste collection problems

09 Nov 2012

Residents of Chester are becoming more and more aggravated towards the new waste system that was introduced by the council in early October.

The has been a number of problems since the system’s launch 4 weeks ago and residents have grown so annoyed that they are now demanding that Cheshire West and Chester Council take action to fix the problem.

The council, who signed a 14-year contract with May Gurney for the collection scheme, have received public complaints over missed collections, overflowing bins and rubbish being left on streets.

Hoole has been one of the worst hit areas as it is swarming with uncollected black bin bags piling upon streets and alleys.

Complaints about the system occurred a few weeks after it came into practice, and despite the council claiming that things would improve, collections are still failing to come up to the residents standards.

Many feel that the system is much slower than before and they are keen for changes to be made as soon as possible or for the new system to be completely scrapped and the old system to be put back in place.

Maybe if things get so bad residents should take matters into their own hands and consider domestic skip hire?

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