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skip kittens saved moments from disaster

01 Dec 2012

Three kittens were saved moments before a digger got to them at a tip in Suffolk.

Staff at the Foxhall landfill site were shocked to see the tiny kittens moving around as the waste was being sorted.

It is believed the kittens – aged around 5 weeks – were dumped in a household wheelie bin in an attempt to get rid of them.

David Smith, from Ipswich Cats Protection, said the “very traumatised” kittens were now “perfectly happy”.

Staff at the recycling centre called him as soon as they had rescued the animals from the dump.

“They had done their best to make them comfortable by putting them in a box with a blanket,” Mr Smith said.

Three “traumatised” kittens are now said to be happy and very healthy.

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