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flytipping causes misery for people up and down the uk

18 Feb 2013

FlytippingFlytipping is an unfortunate fact of modern life. As costs to dispose rubbish soars – more and more people are illegally getting rid of the waste they produce.

A recent news story is a damning indictment of this problem with a shop owner in Lincolnshire who is experiencing serial flytipping outside his salon.

Steffen Louth says he is forever finding bottles and cans beside the salon in the Spalding, but last Tuesday he arrived at work to find bags of household rubbish, including children’s toys dumped next to the business’s industrial-sized wheely bin.

He said: “It was a real mess down there. Someone had obviously come along between when I left work at about 6pm on Monday and 8.30am on Tuesday and just dumped all their rubbish.

“The skip people charge us so it has cost us to clear it up. I cleared half of it and the betting shop cleared the rest.

“We have to keep it clear because it is a shared fire escape route for a number of shops and this was a hazard.

“What is wrong with people? There’s a tip just outside of town.

“This was household rubbish but bottles and cans left there is a continuous problem, even though there’s a bin on the post at the top of the alley.”

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