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tour in a skip

24 Feb 2013

Lol CoxhillCheck out this skip lover – the late, great Lol Coxhill decided to take his show on the road in 2004 – in a skip.

Why a skip? According to the Shed website, run by Simon Thackray, it was actually clever marketing ploy…

“I get asked that quite a lot,” says Thackray. “One woman said, ‘Is it for the acoustics?'”

“In fact, the concept of performing in a skip is – like all Thackray’s projects – a clever combination of artistic enterprise and canny marketing. “The audience for avant-garde music is tiny,” he says. “If I announce that a great jazz improviser is going to perform in Malton for free, who would take any notice? But if he stands in a skip, it becomes a media event.”

We like!

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