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food from a skip hire for dinner anyone

08 Apr 2013

University student Maximus Thaler isn’t like your average student eating takeaways and junk food, the food that he eats looks like it belongs in a four star restaurant, and the best bit is, its free! Maximus is what is commonly known as a ‘Dumpster Diver’ a person that goes looking in skips and bins for thrown out food from supermarkets and food establishments.

The ambitious 22year old is now hoping to set up his own cafe, which only serve meals where the ingredients have been found entirely in skips around the area.

It is estimated that the average supermarket throws away, straight into metal skip approximately $2300/£1500 worth of food every night! There is an argument to say that there should be a check on whether we are putting best before and use by date on products a little too early, as the products that are being found are not off at all the next day.

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