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skip hire firm in leeds safety failings

28 Feb 2014

A Leeds Skip Hire Company director has been disqualified from operating vehicles after his business was reported for serious safety failings.

The director of the local skip hire company in Leeds was issued the ban and the firm’s haulage licence was immediately cancelled. The north east haulage industry regulator noted that the in the inquiry there had been a change of entity to the company holding the license, despite operator licenses being non-transferrable.

The director of the Leeds skip hire  firm last July was seen to by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency as an officer stopped one of the firm’s vehicles for a check and found that three out of 10 wheel nuts were loose. The officer then went onto support his findings by clearly noticing that the nuts could have been turned by hand resulting in potentially a very dangerous accident.
The director after the interview was told that his company had no procedures in place for drivers to check the vehicles before driving them. Employees were also found to be uneducated on how to carry out the safety checks.

In addition to the reporters findings and company losing their license for the vehicles… investigators then found some of the vehicles hadn’t had a safety check in over six months. Their other vehicles were also reported incomplete and unsatisfactory. The checks are supposed to be taken every six weeks to ensure the safety of the drivers, produce and other people on the road.

However the firm following the trouble of their vehicles already then had a 100% annual test failure rate in the past two years, with one vehicle failing on three brake items in December 2012. December is most definitely one of the months in the year that all of the procedures and tests should be done due to the festive season, black ice on the roads, dangerous driving etc…

So if that isn’t bad enough news for the director himself who didn’t actually attend the inquiry, the investigator’s findings were strong enough to take away his licence due to not being able to maintain a goods vehicles operations license.

Finally now having no real intentions to be able to regain their license, the firm was disqualified for applying for or holding an operator’s licence in any traffic area until he has appeared before a traffic commissioner.

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