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compulsory recycling in north london

09 Sep 2014

Hackney council previously set out an extensive advertising and education campaign throughout the London Borough warning residents that if they do not recycle properly, they could face a hefty fine of up to £1,000.

Hackney’s recycle scheme mirrors the same scheme that Barnet have put into place. Barnet residents have been recycling efficiently and Barnet council said they have yet not fined anyone, and they hope to keep it that way, maybe everyone has turned to using skip hire in London? It definitely has a lot to say about the community itself as everybody is clearly concerned about the environment and what surroundings they are living in.

Hackney council has already sent informational postcards and leaflets to the residents about how failing to use their green boxes for glass, can and paper recycling could affect them financially. At the moment the council has only enrolled the scheme out to street-level housing excluding flats and apartments at the moment until a suitable scheme for that housing is found.

Hackney residents have two official warnings before they’re visited by an officer. The first warning consists of leaving postcards for those residents that have not put out their green boxes. After 4-6 weeks, if the resident hasn’t still followed the postcard guidelines, then a letter will be sent reminding them that it’s compulsory for them to use their green box. If still failing to meet the new scheme, then an officer will make a visit to the resident to find out why their recycling scheme isn’t being used and if they still refuse to join the scheme then a fine could be handed out.

For normal street-level housing this trial will consist of 6 months. If the trial is successful, then all street level housing will be considered and possible compulsory schemes will be put into place for its high rise buildings. According to Hackney council, 45% of the 92,000 households come under this banner so it definitely will be considered as it’s nearly half of the households in the borough.

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