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Skip Swimming

04 Oct 2016

Just when you think things can’t get stranger, we’re swimming in the garbage.

Of course, when it comes to hiring skips, there are certain rules and regulations on what you can and can’t put in a skip. But, I suppose, if you own a skip – why not turn it into a swimming pool during the summer months?

            It all began with Oliver Bishop-Young, an English artist, who had a load of skips and transformed them into miniature skate parks and swimming pools. While, at first, the British didn’t really see the appeal of this, the Americans dived in and embraced the bizarreness of it all. And now, apparently, swimming in dumpsters is quite popular over in The Big Apple.



            If you think that’s impressive, an architect from the USA, Stefan Beese completely transformed a skip into a fulling functioning family pool for his family. Costing him around $7,000 to do so, and said he wanted to carry out the task for the surprise aspect. And it certainly is surprising. Taking bin-diving to a whole new level.


[Source: Facebook/ Stefan Beese/ Dumpster Dive Delux]

            Skips in general aren’t very waterproof and this is probably down to the fact they aren’t actually for water. But if the works of Bishop-Young and Beese have inspired you to make your own skip pool, make sure you coat and cushion the inside so the water doesn’t seep out. Don’t just jump straight in at the deep end. We also don’t recommend adding a diving board – even if you have a 40yard roll on roll off; it’s probably not the best idea.

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