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Hazardous Waste Disposal Across the UK

Topskip’s is part of the PAL Hire Group and offers a one stop solution to ALL your waste removal and can provide hazardous waste disposal throughout the UK.


We offer:

  • Low cost Hazardous Waste Disposal with our discounted pricing
  • Save time and money with our industry experts
  • Tailored service to suit your needs – Any waste, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Disposing of all your commercial and Domestic waste in accordance to EA legislation -Helping you comply with your Duty of Care
  • High Availability on all skip sizes, last minute job? No problem
  • 100,000 customers since 2003, We know what we’re doing
  • 76% of all our business is retentive, which means our Customers come back

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Where do we cover?

TopSkip’s can provide a solution to those items on the hazardous and specialist waste list that require specialist waste disposal. We can offer waste collections across the UK.

So no matter if its paint disposal in Poole, batteries in Birmingham, Asbestos in Aberdeen or solvents removal in Southampton, TopSkip’s can find a cost effective solution to all specialist waste disposal.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal –

When you hire a skip there are certain items that can’t be disposed in the skip due to waste removal legislation.

TopSkip’s can offer a waste collection service for the following:

Corrosive Liquid
Biological Waste
Medical Waste
Laboratory Waste
Gas Canisters
Waste Oils
Motor Oils
Vehicle Batteries
Vehicle Wheels
Fire Extinguishers
Florescent Tubes
Light Bulbs
Computer Monitors

The materials listed above are classed as hazardous waste – they are either harmful to the environment, to human health or both. It is illegal for you to mix waste with normal waste and that’s why we offer specialist hazardous waste disposal on these items.

If you need advice about disposing of anything on this list call one of our advisors on 0844 686 9342.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Prices

Hazardous waste disposal prices will be determined by the waste you’re disposing of and the quantities of those items.

If you’re a regular provider of any of the items mentioned such as pain, batteries, Fluorescent tubes, resins or any other specialist waste, call us to enquire about our specialist containers which can be used to collect larger amount on site.

For information on how we can provide low cost pricing on specialist waste disposal call the team for a tailor made solution on 0844 686 9342.

How to find out if your waste is hazardous

You should check the waste for a code or codes associated with your type of waste, which should be on the packaging or the data sheets – it’ll have an asterisk if it’s hazardous.

Be careful some wastes may have both hazardous and non-hazardous entries. Make sure you identify correctly some items are made up of more than one substance.

In these cases, you must determine the waste’s composition and assess if it has hazardous properties or components before you can classify it – check the manufacturers’ product safety data sheets for this information.

Many products include orange and black danger symbols or red and white hazard pictograms to indicate they’re hazardous – check the technical guidance on waste for more information.