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An explanation of what UK wide quality assured waste disposal is.

TopSkip’s is is part of PAL Hire Group and Quality Assurance is one of many pivotal standards we set out to achieve in pursuit of providing the best quality service to our commercial and domestic customers. Our ISO accreditation has been awarded following a third-party audit by an independent certification body.

Every aspect of our provision of waste disposal services is aimed at providing you with a full-service solution, regardless of the size and nature of your job. You can rest assured that the hire, drop off, collection, disposal and handling of your waste is as professional as we can make it. Whether you need a skip, RORO or grab on site, for a singular or multiple use – we take the thinking out of waste disposal.

The scope of our quality assurance is as follows:

The Operation of brokerage, consultancy and publishing activities in relation to the hire and waste management for the construction retail and domestic market.

What this means to you?

  • We have met and continue to meet an audited standard to in a more efficient way.
  • Everyone at TopSkip’s is aligned and understands these standards
  • TopSkips meets necessary statutory and regulatory requirements
  • We are officially accredited (certification available upon request), we are ready to work with your organisation
  • We constantly seek to improve our products and services to better support your waste disposal requirements.

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