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The 7 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire

IMPORTANT NOTE:”The 7 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire” is a 7-part email sent over 7 days. The reason we do this is because we used to send them all out at once but found that over 80% of our customers came to our site looking for information on skip hire at least two weeks in the future plus, when surveyed, the same percentage told us that they had not read all the secrets because it was too much information at one time. For people who are in a hurry and do need to access all of the information in one day, we have included a link from one secret to the next. All you need to do is unsubscribe using a link in the emails we send you. If you are not in a hurry, just sit back and wait to receive the information in bite-sized chunks over the next week.

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“The 7 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire”

How to avoid the nightmare of a bad skip hire experience,
help the environment and save money

Dear Skip Shopper,

At some point in our lives, with some of us even more so, we all need to hire a skip. Whether it’s for a spring clear-out, ripping out a kitchen or bathroom, that new extension or garden waste – skips are often a great way of getting rid in one easy go.

Well, that’s the theory!

“The 7 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire” is a free guide from – the UK’s number one online national skip hire service.

In it, we answer the same questions we used to ask ourselves when we tried to hire skips:

How can I tell which skip companies in the Yellow Pages are the good ones?
You can’t, but we’ll tell you what you need to look out for.

Why do skips cost so much money?>
The killer question – we’ve got the answer.

Why isn’t my skip dropped off and picked up when I ask for it?
Lots of reasons; and it’s not the skip company doing it deliberately to annoy you.

Why do I get quoted so many different prices for the same service from different companies?
You don’t get the same service from different companies!

Why won’t my local skip company take a credit card or even tell me prices over the phone?
It’s mainly a historical thing – we’ll explain it all.

Why won’t they take the skip away if the rubbish is just over the fill line?
It’s the law.

What actually happens to my rubbish when they take it away?
A question you really should be asking. We’ll tell you why. serves thousands of happy customers with a smooth and carefree skip hire experience, and are committed to taking the guesswork out of skip hire. Even if you never use their service, this guide will ensure that you know everything you need to know about successful skip hire.

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